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Don’t know How to wear Makeup? Here are the 5 Makeup Tutorials for you

The idea of Beauty in itself is abstract and there is no way one can define beauty but we humans have tried to narrow down the concept of beauty by certain features which includes Face, Eyes, Lips etc. Makeup is the way in which we try 影梭 to beautify our faces, Lips and eyes but Do you know How to do Makeup? or Do You Know How to wear good Makeup? NO? YES? Well Makeup is an art, the more you explore the more you learn. We have already covered an article on make up tips.

The Spring Summer makeup tips for 2017 was provided by us earlier .  While at the same time make up tips for eye make up was provided by us.   And the make up tips for Nails Art at home were provided by us

In today’s running world one cannot always rush to Beauty Parlor in order to get ready or in order to get Makeup. A women has to wear makeup by herself only.It is also true that no one is expert in wearing makeup as a beautician, we all are layman when it comes to jargon and techniques of makeup, One may such at Eyeliner while one may suck at doing Lips while one may suck at doing Face Makeup or applying Foundation.

But we thought just providing you with photographs and designs in form of an article won’t suffice so we have come up with certain Makeup Tutorial Videos for you.

1. How to Do Eyeliner/better strokes in Eyeliner?

How to do better strokes in Eyeliner, this Video Tutorials is for those who suck at doing eyeliner or getting straight eyeliner on their eyes. Face without perfect Eyeliner might make you look like a witch from horror movie, so please be careful while applying eyeliner. College girls these days love to apply eyeliner but they don’t know how to do it.

2. How to apply Lipstick?

This Tutorial helps you get better and perfect lipstick. This video is a 101 on how to wear Lipstick which does not look too shady or too light. From College girl to an office going woman wanting a corporate look and even in the case of getting ready for a wedding look, this tutorial is helpful.

3. Another Eye Tutorials for black and bold Eyes

Black and Smokey eyes have the power to do the voodoo of love, as they say eyes speak more than tongue it is pertinent to get and make your eyes beautiful. This tutorial helps you get decent and bold black eyes. Whether we are at wedding or at any corporate office meeting eyes play a vital role so does black smokey eyes.

4. Tutorial on the Art of wearing Facial Makeup

Just like you paint a canvas our face is the same canvas while liners and makeup is the colors and paints we use to decorate our face. As I said Makeup is an art, this Makeup Tutorial teaches you the art of Facial makeup. Getting ready for a wedding or the office meeting, this video solves both the issue.

5. How to do Quick Makeup?

The above Tutorial explores the tips for doing quick makeup by the use of powder and foundation. This tutorial is helpful for those who are busy or working but have to be present in Corporate Look.

6.How to Do Eyeliner/ Eyeliner 101?

The above video explores the techniques and ways in order to apply eyeliner perfectly and aptly for those who wish to wear eyeliner but suck at it. Be it Corporate Look or the Wedding Look applying eyeliner is unavoidable and indispensable in both the cases.

So these were the tutorials we have tried to offer you for any occasion be it a wedding or be it for college girls or it is helpful in cases for getting a corporate look.


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