Deepika Padukone’s Diet & Workout Plan

Deepika Padukone’s Diet & Workout Plan


Deepika Padukone’s Diet Plan

  • Even though Deepika doesn’t have a proper personal fitness trainer, she takes a little bit of help from some of the popular nutritionists in town. Her breakfast starts with two egg whites, which give her enough protein to keep the skin tightened enough for all those costumes she wears in different movies. Along with eggs, she has low fat milk to keep herself glowing and presentable enough on the screen.
  • She prefers non-vegetarian food in lunch, which includes grilled fish to avoid fats that, otherwise, settle in the body due to oil. When she eats vegetarian food, she likes all kinds of vegetables.
  • She is the only actress, who has admitted her cravings during evening. She prefers munching on almonds and filter coffee. At times, she is also seen craving for South Indian good like Idlis, Dosas, etc. She isn’t someone, who hides what she eats!
  • Generally, she avoids eating non-vegetarian food in dinner. She wants her night meals to be as light as possible. Therefore, she eats salads, chapatis, veggies and a proper balanced diet to give her body enough nutrition that it wants to help her work for stretched or extra hours. Like every other celebrity, she avoids rice at night.
  • After every two hours, Deepika eats fresh fruits. She also keeps herself hydrated all throughout the day by drinking fresh fruit juices. To be honest, she isn’t someone who starves herself to lose weight. Even if she wants to lose weight, she does it with the help of proper food and heavy workout.



Deepika Padukone’s Workout Routine

  • Deepika doesn’t go to gym every day, but whenever she gets the time, she hits it to keep her body toned. She is more into free-hand exercises and pilates.
  • For her, losing weight with the help of Yoga, which also gives her grace, is more important. Since she is also into dancing, she balances her body in the most beautiful manner.
  • Even though she doesn’t like running, she prefers walking for at least half an hour in the morning, once her Yoga session is done.



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