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When Jiah Khan Dared to Date


Jiah Khan’s suicide has brought with it many questions the biggest of which is What is to be blamed in a case like this, is it the Indian mentality or the western influence?

Jiah Khan was a young, beautiful and an extremely talented actress of the Bollywood industry who committed suicide a few months back. The reason behind her suicide, according to her suicide note, seems a troubled romance with her boyfriend Suraj Pancholi. Whatever the reason be, is ending your life because of somebody else justified?

Nowadays, dating has become a trend in India. You can even see the little kids dating around without even being mature enough to understand what dating is. Indian traditions and culture don’t support dating. Obviously, if Indian traditions are followed nothing like this would happen. But is that the solution? Nobody stops walking because of the fear of falling. What’s required is the courage to accept rejection and failure and strength to move on for a better future.

Love is a beautiful thing. And relationships are a wonderful part of life. But they are not life. There are problems in every relationship. Some get through, some don’t and eventually break. But that’s not the end of the world. In a country like India, people give their everything to make a relationship successful hoping it will last. And when it doesn’t, they are shattered. Unlike people in western countries, Indians lack self love and failure acceptance. Jiah, in her suicide note stated that she doesn’t deserve all the humiliation and ill-treatment he was giving her. Right, she deserved to move on and lead a happy life and find a better partner and not ending her life like this. Suicide is never an option.

A famous Chinese author Lao Tzu once quoted, “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” But this has stood false for Jiah’s and many other lovers’ cases. Maybe the author forgot to put a terms and conditions apply star. Or maybe, people have forgotten that the most important step in loving someone is loving yourself. If you don’t love yourself, nobody will love you.

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