Clashes of the Saris – Indian Sari Draping Styles

Being an Indian I have seen a number of women in our tradition dress – the sari. Though I have worn it only twice, I like its style, and the definition that it gives to a woman.

My mother wears saris only on formal occasions, but whenever she wears it, she looks like a complete Indian woman. I remember the first time I wore a sari for my school’s farewell. I was scared like hell, thinking that the pleats may come out or I may not be able to carry it well. Well, nothing as such happened and I got more confident about wearing it.

I have seen women wearing saris to weddings, work, markets, and even at home.

While for some women it is a nuisance to wear sari at home, some find it comfortable. Even the youngsters of India today are wearing saris to wedding or other formal events.Priyanka-Chopra-in-Saree-in-Dostana

Today there has been a huge difference in the saris. The modern look of the saris can be seen in the movies Dostana, Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani and many more. This new look of the sari has totally changed the way a woman looks. This modern sari makes a woman sexy and no more a girl next door.Kareena-Kapoor-in-Bengali-Style-Saree

Other than the traditional way of wearing a sari, there is the Bengali style, that you can see in West Bengal or festivals like Durga Puja. It is wrapped around the waist and drawn back to the right side and the pallu is slung over the left shoulder. Once again pulled up from under the right arm, it is slung over the left shoulder.


Akshara in tv show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Akshara in tv show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

The Gujarati way is one which has been very popular in the earlier soap operas.This way of draping the saree is not only adopted in Gujarat but many northern states like UP, MP Rajasthan and Bihar also adopt this style. In this way of wearing the saree, the pleats face right instead of left. The pallu also comes from the back to the front from the right side. The edge of the pallu is tucked at the back securing it properly. This style of draping works very well when you want to display an elaborate border.Marathi-Style-Saree

Another popular method of draping the sari is the Marathi style. You might have seen it in many movies and soap operas.Using nine yards, this style is adopted by the older and more conservative women. The saree apes a dhoti style somewhat, with some of the fabric tucked between the legs to divide them. Worn without a petticoat underneath, this saree is rarely seen nowadays except on festive occasions. In this version of the saree the pallu drapes the shoulder or is used to cover the head.Shriya-Saran-in-Traditional-Saree

You might not have heard about the Tamilian version of draping a sari.This version too uses a saree that is 9 yards as opposed to the simple 6 yards version. Once again worn without a petticoat inside, this saree uses multiple tuck and complicated pleats to form a saree that can be as comfortable as a pair of jeans if draped right. The pallu is folded in half and tucked into the waist allowing the lady to go about her chores.mumtaaz-in-saree

The Mumtaz style is one very popular one that you might have seen in her movies. Popularized by the charming film star Mumtaz, this way of wearing your saree involves draping it tightly around your lower body several times, to give it a narrow look and dramatically fling the remaining fabric over your shoulder. This style bares your midriff and makes for a very slow walk.Kerala-Mundu-Saree

Then there is the Kerala Mundu style. A version of saree with two pieces, there is the bottom piece which is worn separately and the top portion to be used as pallu.

No matter how you wear a sari, it will always make you look beautiful and according to me, a woman.

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