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Claims of ‘Cashless village’ in Rajasthan, only on papers

Claims of ‘Cashless village’ in Rajasthan, only on papers

Naya Gav(Ajmer) recently celebrated as the first cashless village of PM Narendra Modi’s dream, But the reality altogether indicates a different story setting aside all the merriment over the village going cashless.  On ‘paper‘, this village in Ajmer district of Rajasthan was enlisted as first cashless village in India on December 17,2016 in a much celebrated event.

Apparently village installed five point of sale (PoS) machines and banking apps have been downloaded on smart phones, indicating a step forward towards cashless era. But the ground reality shatters all the myth which says that Naya Gav(Ajmer) does not even has internet connectivity and too much surprise PoS machines are not functional.

Adding much to the misery the so-called first cashless villagers need to travel 3km to the town of Harmara for Banking services like Withdrawing of Cash etc.

People from the village complain of no internet connectivity as well as painstaking travel of 3Kms just to withdraw cash with dysfunctional PoS. They added that they need cash for daily needs of fertilisers and various routine basic requirements.

Banners still stand tall that there the village has become cashless The village has a population of about 1,600 and 250 houses, with farmers accounting for the majority of the public.

The promise of installation of ATM machine in the village has also not yet fulfilled. Villagers are having no use of RuPay card or ATM card. We hope that village actually becomes Cashless withering away the pain and misery of the people residing in it.


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