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BJP Delhi Chief Manoj Tiwari Makes Fun Of People Standing In ATM Lines

BJP Delhi Chief Manoj Tiwari Makes Fun Of People Standing In ATM Lines

A recent video clip is doing the rounds on the various platforms like facebook and twitter in which recently appointed BJP Delhi Chief Manoj Tiwari can be seen mocking people standing in ATM line after the Demonitisation move announced by the Modi Government on November 8,2016. The Actor turned politician is clearly seen in the video making jokes and songs on the people who are standing in long queues hoping for a corruption free India.

Manoj Tiwari laughing on people

Manoj Tiwari with other people from the BJP

At a private New year event organised by BJP MLA Vijendra Gupta, Manoj Tiwari and his party colleagues were seen talking about Demonitisation and people suffering from it. Manoj tiwari narrated the incident of him visiting the ATM and he made a song based on the situation.


He was seen saying that “I went to stand in the (ATM) line in my area. There was someone from ABP there. I wondered what should I say so that all these people are amused,” he then went on singing a song “The patriots are standing in queues, there is a huge crowd, India’s destiny is getting decorated with hardships.” He then added, “People cheered and said they’ll keep standing in queues till December 30.”

The video link of the same posted by BSP Twitter Account is herein below:

Many veterans from the opposite parties have called this act of Manoj Tiwari as insensitive while the ruling party in Delhi AAP has attacked the Central government as well as Manoj Tiwari for such gestures.
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