Bipasha Basu’s Hot Body fitness secrets & tips

Bipasha is ready with her film “Creature”, directed by Vikram Bhatt. For the same film, Bips had to look fit as always and the 34 year old share her fitness secrets with us!

Firstly, Ms Basu does not endorse supplements. She prefers eating healthy rather than having supplements.

Bipasha says, “I love my food and get all the required nutrition from food only, no supplements. I am eating healthier stuff like stir fried vegetables, spinach, chicken soup, grilled mushrooms or fish and eggs in all forms. Basically I mix a lot of green veggies with meat and instead of six small meals now I eat eight to boost my metabolism”.bipasha

The Bengali babe starts her day with a wheat grass shot and apple. Along with her new film “creature”, Bips has also launched her latest work-out DVD “BB Love Yourself” series.

Bipasha says, “When my body craves sugar I eat an apple. It’s like a quick fix. After a wheat grass shot, I take five pre-soaked almonds. Breakfast is eggs and oats. When I eat wrong my trick is never to feel guilty just go burn it! I love desserts but now I am not having any sweets for a month.”

So if you want a hot body like Bipasha – eat right, workout and follow the tips from the fitness icon!

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