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BIGG BOSS 2016 Season 10 Promo Released – Salman Khan in BB10 Trailor

BIGG BOSS 2016 Season 10 Promo Released – Salman Khan in BB10 Trailor

The much awaited promo of Bigg Boss 10 is finally out! This 30 seconds promo video will give you insights of what is going to happen in the tenth season of the controversial show Bigg Boss. Like the head of Colors channel Raj Nayak had promised, the promo has been released between 9am and 10am and you’ll be surprised seeing the avatar of the show’s host Salman Khan. He is not in any regular style. But Salman Khan has appeared in the most unusual style ever – an astronaut. Yes, the 50-year-old superstar is dressed as an astronaut in the promo.Salman-Khan-in-the-Bigg-Boss-Season-10-promo-

Salman says: “Jab chand par dikha insaan pehli baar ya ande se nikli murgi pehli baar, create hus itihaas. Ab aam public aa rahi hai pehli baar in Bigg Boss to create history but kya hoga that is the mystery. Bigg Boss season 10 with comman women and men.”

Colors CEO Raj Nayak shared the promo video.


This season of Bigg Boss is indeed very special because this time the complicated and the most controversial house is open for the aam aadmi (common man). Like the makers of the show had promised (common man in BB10), they have fulfilled it too and nothing could make it better for the fans of Bigg Boss. Like Salman says in the promo, Bigg Boss season 10 is going to create history with common men and women. All these years we have seen how celebs create dhamaka in the house but this time it is going to spice up. The common is not used to the cameras like the celebrities and so this time the show will have something new to offer for the small screen viewers.


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