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Bigg Boss 10 Winner Name Leaked Final Winner Manveer Gurjar ?

Bigg Boss 10 Winner Name Leaked Final Winner Manveer Gurjar ?

Manveer Gurjar Final Winner of Bigg Boss 2017 Sources Leaked

Manveer Gurjar Winning Images

The most controversial show in India, Bigg Boss Season 10 is going to end with a Grand Finale on 29th January, 2017. The last four finalists are:-

  1. Manveer Gurjar
  2. Lopamudra Raut
  3. Bani Judge
  4. Manu Punjabi

If you have watched the show with full enthusiasm and excitement to find out what’s going to happen then you are a true Big Boss Fan. As being a true Bigg Boss fan you surely have this question in your mind since the beginning of the show.

Manveer Winning Bigg Boss 10 live

Who is going to be the Winner of Bigg Boss 10 ?

It’s Manveer Gurjar who is going to be the Final Winner of the most entertaining show Bigg Boss Season 10. The sources have leaked that Manveer Gurjar, a farmer and a Businessman from Noida is going to win the show. Many of us will be happy to see a normal guy, a commoner is going to win the popular TV Show but some might not. It is for sure that Manveer Gurjar has won hearts of many people in the show and even outside as well.

Manveer Gurjar wins Bigg Boss 10

The journey of Manveer Gurjar has faced my ups and downs in the house of Bigg Boss 10 but he has conquered all those challenges with all his straight forwardness. After those challenges now is the time for Manveer Gurjar Winning Moments in Bigg Boss 10. If the leaks are to be believed we will see soon the Manveer Gurjar with the Winner Trophy of Bigg Boss 2017Manveer Gurjar Winning Photos will be all over the internet after a couple of days. Video of Manveer Winning Bigg Boss 10 will be viral on Youtube. It will all happen if the leaks are true. That could be the time of celebration for commoners

Bani J is also one of the most deserving contestant in the Bigg Boss season 10. She has faced a real tough time in the house. Now ultimately she is in the finals. Lopamudra and Manu Punjabi are also deserving ones.

Final Winner of Bigg Boss 2017 Sources Leaked

All this will happen in a couple of days. We have to wait for the Grand Finals to find out the Winner of Bigg Boss 2017. Post your comments below if you believe that Manveer is going to win. Who is more deserving Manveer or Bani ? Share your views in the comments section.


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