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Best Summer Skincare Tips for All Skin Types

Doesn’t the sweltering Indian summer takes away life from your skin? Do you hesitate to go out in the sun for the fear of tan and thus ruin your chances of recreation? But now no worries. With easy summer skin care tips and remedies you can now chill out in this heat tan-free and without regrets. But wait are you worried about effective remedy for your skin type? Then cheer up for we have got it all simplified for you. Our easy tips for skin care in summer will make your summers thrilling this time. Oily, dry, sensitive, aged or irritated are just terms as with these tips u can enjoy having a glowing skin raising your hotness quotient parallel to this hot weather.

So now we get to the best summer skincare tips, easy tips for skincare in summer and top ways for skin care in summer.

Best Summer Skincare Tips:

Hydrating from Within

First hydrating from inside to shine from outside.

It’s known to us all that a healthy hydrated summer diet is the secret for a glowing soft and supple skin. So why wait, gulp down the melons, lemonade with a dash of mint, cucumber, coconut water and yogurt. Including these in your summer diet will add a level more to you glow. This is one of the best summer skincare tip and one of the top ways of skin care in summer.

Five Step Skincare Regime

1. Cleansing

Using a mild non irritating cleanser, a combination type will do the required cleansing of your skin. Even if your skin is oily, avoid using strong skin aggravating cleansers for in the long term they worsen the matters. This is an important step for the summer skin care tip.

2. Toning

Using an alcohol free toner with antioxidants is an important and easy tip for skin care in summer. With its special properties it renews the pores clogged with makeup  and replenishes the skin.

3. Exfoliating

The best choice for this would be products containing salicylic acid that exfoliates from skin layers deep within. This step will help you get rid of dead skin and is helpful trick for summer skincare.

4. Moisturising

Dry skin types are suggested to use moisturisers even in summers for keeping the skin hydrated and thus preventing the tan that dehydrated skin would easily get. This step is on the top summer skincare tips.

5. Applying Sunscreen

A sunscreen with SPF-30 provides weightless protection to keep the skin matte hydrated. It also prevents from signs of early ageing and skin cancer. This is the best and most important skincare tip for summers.

Thirdly prevent long exposure to the sun. But if it is part and parcel of routine then along with the above suggested best summer skin care tips you can prevent the direct damage from the UV rays without having to look like a ghost wrapped up in those full sleeves and scarves. One of the top ways of skincare in summer.

Do it with style. Protect your pout with a SPF15 lip balm. Opt for a hat with a wide brim to protect from sun from a direct angle. Using a good SPF enriched lip balm is another easy trick for summer skincare.


Cover Up!

You can also look a class different and stylish with those funky, colourful hats and umbrellas. This is another easy tip of skincare in summer.

Cold Water Showers

And after the day long sun exposure and sweating periods a cold shower is what’ll do magic for you. It’ll prevent any acne breakout and maintain your skin’s natural quotient. This is the best possible way of refreshing yourself in summer, one of the easy way of skin care in summer.

So with these top ways of skin care in summer, easy tips for skin care in summer and some of the best tricks of summer skincare you are all ready to go out and add a different level of hot chill to your surroundings.

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