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Best Style Tips to Look Slimmer in Clothes

Most of us are conscious about our excessive weight and there is no end to a girl’s problem when it comes to getting the right look. Here are some tips to look slimmer in clothes.

It is very essential to know what body shape are you. There are some similar body shapes that can be easily found in most women — pear, inverted triangle, straight or hourglass. Try to keep your upper and lower halves balanced. For a small chested pear it is advised to go for playful and bold top for upper half. Straight Body and Hourglass can opt for belts to highlight their waistline. If you are a broad shouldered type then try triangular or quarter sleeves top,they help you hide your shoulders and you look slimmer.

What size are you —amazing girls wears

It is necessary to know your size, wear the undergarments that are meant for your size. Not only undergarments, but it is very important to wear clothes of your own size. Do not buy a small size if medium fits you. That will not make you look slimmer but actually enhance your bulky parts.

Balance out your clothing —2016-Summer-Style-Fashion-Lace-Dress-Openwork-Color-Women-Dress-Short-Sleeve-Casual-Summer-Dress-White

It really does not matter what are you wearing unless you are carrying it in right way. Balance your overall look, if you are wearing Palazzo Pants then go for a fitted T-Shirt and tuck it in inside your pants. To add more glamour to your look, invest in belts that highlight your figure. If you are wearing a tight legging or Jeans then go for a loose top to balance the look.

Play with Black —ladies wears

There is no harm while playing with black colour if you want to look slim. We all know black has the the minimizing effect, that would not only minimize your body shape but will help you look bold as well. Try a Black Top with Jeans rather than going for a printed one.

Try Body slimming undergarments —
Try a body shape if you want help in keeping your excess weight in check. This can prove a great help if you are wearing a fitted dress for a special occasion, like a birthday party or a date. Though they are quiet uncomfortable to carry regularly, you can always give them a try for a special occasion.New-2016-summer-dress-short-sleeve-vestidos-o-neck-casual-bohemian-dresses-print-long-women-tunic

Cover your problem areas —

It is advised to cover your problem areas, if you carry excess weight in thighs then look for Jeans with few pockets or wear a Kurta with a Jeans to cover your area. If you have weight in stomach, look for tops or tunics that hide your stomach than exposing it. Do not highlight the area that you consider has excessive weight.

Mix and match —pencil_skirt_from_behind_large

There are no given rules that one must follow to look glamorous. Play with your style and accessories to get the complete look, wear a short dress, Kurti or tunic according to your body shape and size.

Nothing can stop you from looking fashionable if you are carrying your attitude in right manner. Be confident and wear that complete look with a shining smile.

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