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Best Prom and Party Hairstyles of 2017

The summers are just here and all the lovely girls out there must be getting nervous about what to wear for the Prom, better known as Farewell parties in India. Deciding a dress is a very crucial step. But wearing the correct hairstyle, make-up and accessories also go a long way in your over-all look. Let’s take a look at the best, and the latest hairstyles for Prom or farewell for any type of length of your hair.

Let us discuss Some of the Prom hairstyles for girls in 2017

The Loose Waves

This hairstyle suits almost all face cuts, and is best hairstyle for young girls. It adds oomph and style to the overall look. Get your hair loosely curled, and then gently run your fingers through your hair to get those soft, feminine waves in your hair. You can wear it with any kind of outfit. Of all the prom hairstyles, this is certainly the best hairstyle idea for any party.

A Messy Side Bun

Messy side buns are majorly trending and they look awesome on young girls and can certainly be called the best prom hairstyle for young girls. Messy buns are easy to make and can be pulled of with great style on a prom night. You can also try this look by loosely curling your hair or making a loose braid before making a bun. Just take a part of your hair to side and after curling them or braiding, start twisting them in a bun, ensure they don’t get loose by pinning them up. This certainly takes the win in the list of prom hairstyles and will be one of the best hairstyle for girls and also best hairstyles for parties.. 

Half-Up Half-down Curls

A very popular hairstyle these days, the look is very simple to create. First start with taking sections of hair and curl them to create loose ringlets/ curls. Now create a puff around the crown and secure them with pins. You can also add a cute accessory to your hair crown like a cute pin or just some flowers. The loose flicks in the front should be let loose to give you a casual look. This is one of the best hairstyles for girls.

Glam Vintage Look

Glam vintage look with a side parting and soft waves is a gorgeous choice to go for at the prom. You can make this hairstyle by starting with a side-partition of your hair and then making some some curls in them. Use some hairspray to keep this hairstyle in place. This style is vintage and is set to give you a different look at any party you wear them making sure that you stand out from the crowd. This is one of the best hairstyle ideas for parties.

The Classic Cut

Girls with short length hair can never go wrong with this look. Rihanna is seen sporting this sleek hair look; just bouncing your hair right with the help of some blow drying, followed by a generous amount of hairspray will help you achieve this look to the T. This hairstyle is also known as expensive hairstyles for girls.

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