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Benefits of Internships – Internship for a Better Career

Internships as career

A survey by “Man Power Group” says 61% companies in India are facing serious problems unable to get employees meeting their standards. Majority of the graduates coming out of the college campuses not having adequate practical application capacity is the main reason behind this. Nowadays every one dreams about getting a job in a good corporate company. But, to make the dream come true, one should possess the qualities that the job market actually requires. In today’s competitive world, only academic records would not get someone hired by their dream companies. During the student life, besides taking the theoretical lessons from the text books, one should also try to apply those concepts in a practical world. And this can be made possible through an Internship. Possessing real work experience along with decent academic records would always be an added asset to the student.

Benefits of Internships to the students:

1) Internship provides a solid platform for the students to apply the things learnt in their classrooms in the real world.

2) Internships help students gain an exposure to real-world problems that they generally don’t find in their text books.

3) Internship also helps students in getting a chance to take part in their dream company’s project works.

4) Frequently being in touch with the senior officers in the company during the internship tenure would help the students in proper planning of their careers.

5) Internships help students foster the qualities like team spirit, time management, handling the pressure, communication skills, Self-confidence.

Benefits to the companies:

1) Internships help the companies to know the present day youth’s attitude and thought process and accordingly raise their standards and change their work culture.

2) Internships would help the companies to make profits by using the innovative ideas of their interns.

3) Internships stand as a venue for the companies to recruit noteworthy employees.

Strong Resume:

After successful completion of their internships, students must use that as a strong point in their resume. Mentioning the name of the company you interned from and all the hard work and responsibilities you had to undergo in brief makes your resume way better than others’. It also puts you in a special row in the eyes of the recruiters.


Going for an internship for the sake of a certificate or for the sake of credits and grades in college does not really make any sense. If you really want to get an idea of the things you may have to face in your career once you come out of your college campus, there is no other way better than an internship.

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