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BAPU GANDHIJI GOES MISSING ON ₹2,000 notes, Twitter goes crazy

BAPU GANDHIJI GOES MISSING ON ₹2,000 notes, Twitter goes crazy

The Picture of Mahatama gandhi from which we are accustomed to goes missing in 2k notes, Yes you heart it right portrait of Gandhiji AKA bapu from ₹2000 notes has gone missing.

ANI tweeted the above photograph of ₹2000 notes without the image of Gandhiji

The news regarding the same spread when farmers from Sheopur district of Madhya Pradesh received these notes from local State Bank of India branch which they thought were fake or counterfeit.  Getting shocked by the incident, the farmers reached bank officials where they were told that notes are actually “Genuine” and the missing gandhi image is the note is the result of “printing error“. However later on the notes were replaced by the ones with the gandhi image.


But this was not enough the moment the images of ₹2000 notes without gandhiji image was posted on twitter, the twitteratti as usual went crazy over it and what was initially considered as huge blunder turned into a humorous meme.

Humor these days is not that hard to find be it Bollywood, Cricket or Politics


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