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Bad Romance: Should You Ever Regret Falling in Love?

Bad Romance

Love can be capricious. Depends on what you call ‘love’. It could be like an ever immortal painting, skilfully painted by a master artist, forever preserved in time, never losing its beauty. Or; it could be like a short bloomed flower, whose fragrance never ceased to linger long after the flower had wilted.

One thing that intrigued me was, id romance ever bad? I mean, it can go bad later, but one does not enter a relationship badly; one only ends it badly! Then, if the relationship did not start badly, there have to have been some good moments? Then why the regret? You gave something a shot, something that you thought might do well for you; but it didn’t. And that’s perfectly alright. Because you learnt something from it. You had some good times. And most of all, you fought that personal conflict of choosing probability of failure over regret. You faced a Hobson’s choice and cut the Gordian knot.

Some relationships are worse than others and it is difficult to find something positive in them. Abusive relationships, mentally or physically; come under this category. A decision was made and must not be regretted now. Regret does nothing. Regret makes one’s life stagnant because you wonder about decisions already made and hence lose out on the decisions that are the need of the hour. So no, don’t regret the bad romance; deal with it and move on. Some things just don’t work out and we needn’t spoil the future because of the past. And, often, it’s just bad timing. There need not be a blame-game. Some things just fall apart and none is to be blamed for it. Not even yourself, for taking a decision to get into the relationship.

Diving into a bit of philosophy (maybe used here as a fancy word for cheesy lines); if you regret it, it wasn’t love! And so, don’t regret it.. it was a teaching lesson at least and a fun, faded experience at most! Also, just because one or two of your relationships have gone badly does not mean the rest will too. Don’t doubt your decisions to a dangerous extent. Healthy skepticism is best.

Oscar Wilde once said, “the very essence of romance is uncertainty”. So take solace in knowing that you aren’t the only victim and that some decisions just go wrong for no apparent reasons. So stop looking into the past and regretting past decisions; live in the present and deal with the new ones!

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