Apple iPhone 8 Top Leaks and Rumors

Apple iPhone 8 Top Leaks and Rumors

Yes you have read the title right but Apple has just reached to the iPhone no. 7. Companies like Apple work on their products for months or years in advance and there are already bunch of rumors for the iPhone 8 playing around. So let’s take a leap into the future and check out for the rumors of the iPhone 8.

1. iPhone 8 would have OLED displays

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode and is a flat light emitting tech. it does not need a back light like the older iPhone so the new iPhone can be ultra thin. There are rumors that Apple manufacturing units are producing OLED displays.

apple iphone 8 oled display


2. iPhone 8 would have wireless charging

There were rumors that iPhone 7 will come with wireless charging but after the announcement it seems like that was less reality. It is being rumored that Apple has been hiring engineers who are expert in wireless charging. There is a good chance that wireless charging will come as standard with iPhone 8.

apple iphone 8 wireless


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3. A11 Processor Chip

iPhone 8 is expected to have A11 processor which would be much faster than the currently powering apple devices. A11 would be more power efficient and will consume less battery. Apple works really hard on their processors.

apple iphone8 processor


4. iPhone 8 Would be All Glass

There is a rumor that the new iPhone would be made of glass from the back. Analysts say that glass would be very useful to make the new iPhone tougher and lighter. It would also helpful for the wireless charging and will boost the antenna signal.

apple iphone 8 glass back


5. Iris Scanning Technology

It might be possible that iPhone 8 would feature an Iris scanner. This would definitely increase the protection of the iPhone. Iris Scanning technology is stronger than a password and a finger print sensor. This would be a major implication when it comes to security in an iPhone. This means that nobody can enter your phone except you.

apple i phone 8 iris tech

apple i phone 8 iris tech

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