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7 Ways/Tips to have a Colorful, Healthy and safe Holi

You all must be receiving those annoying Whatsapp messages about Holi where everyone is busy in rat race of wishing you a ‘Happy Holi in Advance’ with GIFs and images. These messages  rather than with the idea of wishing you a Happy Holi, pose an imminent threat about the festival which is though full of colors, celebration and masti but involves a job of dealing with harmful colorful chemicals which have all the potential to damage your skin as well as hairs.  Due to this particular threat some people often avoid playing holi and they certainly miss the fun involved in the same and you must believe us that there are certain people who have developed a phobia of Holi.

Well all these kinds of threats and phobia mars the whole idea of festivals i.e. celebrations/fun/people which in turn makes these days of festivities just another usual day. No one wants to miss the fun, no one wants to miss the thrill so here we are with certain solutions to the problems attached with the festival called Holi.  We have already identified the problem now Here are the 7 solutions/ Ways to have a colorful, Healthy and safe Holi.

1.Trim your nails short and paint them in dark colours.

The First and the foremost as well as the easiest job is to trim your Nails short so that at the time of playing Holi, the Colors don’t get collected in them. Secondly paint them in dark colors

7 ways to safe healthy and enriching holi6


2.Slather coconut or sunflower oil on your body from head to toe. 

7 ways to safe healthy and enriching holi

Apply enough oil  so that you get multiple layers of it,The layer of oil will reduce the absorption of colours through skin pores and also prevent dryness. Applying oil the night before playing holi is also recommended.

3.Use of a toner before stepping out to play Holi helps to close the pores of your skin thereby reducing the absorption and the harm.

7 ways to safe healthy and enriching holi1


4.Use dental caps to save your teeth from any unwanted stains.

7 ways to safe healthy and enriching holi2


5.Wear a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes.

7 ways to safe healthy and enriching holi3


6. Drink a lot of water before and during the celebrations as colors causes dehydration.

7 ways to safe healthy and enriching holi4 

7. If any irritation develops after the use of colours, wash the area with cold water and apply calamine lotion and a good moisturiser

7 ways to safe healthy and enriching holi5


So Playing Holi would not be that bad an idea, Don’t skip the thrill go for it.

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