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6 Easy-Breezy Ideas to Dress Right for That Perfect Date Night



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So here is it, you are preparing for that big date night with this really cute guy you were crushing on since forever. Confused what to wear? Some major I-have-no-clothes-to-wear blues? Want to dress to impress? Do not worry as we are here to sort out the mess for you, so just relax and read on.

  1. Highlighting Yourself –                                                                                                                                                     

We sure have our problem areas but we can’t really deny that we have our positives too. Some have a flat tummy or some would have those lassie legs, just know your body right and play with it. For instance you can go with a cold or an off shoulder to show off that slender neck or you can opt for that cute dress if you want the attention to go on your legs, similarly a crop top will speak for your drool worthy flat tummy. So girls just play right with your body!

  1. Less is always more

Minimalising is the key girls. Now with that we don’t mean that you just show up like a rug sack, but simplicity can win hearts in the most amazing ways. Donning that bare makeup look with that easy style of dressing are going to win your laurels and add that easy-breezy casual yet approachable vibe to your personality He sure ain’t forgetting this date night.

  1. Get Painted for the Occasion –

So girls now this is very important to keep in mind as to when and where your date is planned. There is a dress code for even the most impromptu occasions; you don’t want to show up looking like a clown for the sake of impressing. Light colors look the best in the daytime, be it your movie date or just at the nearby coffee shop and going dark and bold after dusk can be apt. Just keep in mind the venue, its ambiance and dress accordingly.

  1. Head Over HEELS! –

As we all know the right pair of heels can make you conquer the world. All you need is the classy pair to change your basic look into that of a sophisticated glam diva, be it a pair of nude stilettos or your favorite pumps, we are sure he wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off you. Plus, they make your legs look WOW!

It sure is a win-win for a perfect date.

  1. Accentuating, Oh Yes! –

Little detailing is all you need to make you look WOW and what better than some cute accessories to help you with. Dig into your jewel box and look what can work the best for you, be it a dainty neck piece or a huge chunky one, a pair of danglers or that cute anklet, just make sure you don’t overdo it. Some little glam always helps, doesn’t it?

  1. Just Smile and Be Yourself –

Being yourself makes you look confident and there’s nothing that will make you look more appealing than that. So, whatever you chose to wear just be comfortable in your own skin, you don’t want to be aping someone else’s style and be uncomfortable yourself. Just stick to your power dressing and you are all sorted.

Lastly, keeping a good smile is all you need to make your date a perfect one!


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