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5 Unconventional & Amazing Hobbies

I wonder what’s unconventional anymore? Unconventional is the new conventional I’d say! People strive to do something different, or rather, they’re more open about being different. Embrace that uniqueness in you! Here are some (out of the numerous others) unconventional hobbies!

1. Taxidermy:



The hobby that is creepy to all except to the one who does it. (And maybe a few others) Taxidermy is the art of preserving deceased animals and birds. Not only that, they are preserved in a certain positions, acquiring an almost life-like appearance. It’s a tricky procedure but the results are beautiful. (In a grim sort of way)

2. Free-running:Parkour-Free-Running

Or as it is officially called, Parkour. This may also be considered a sport, but is banned in several states. As the name suggests, free-runners start at a particular place (usually on roof tops, where there are small houses and closely packed) and continue running. Every obstacle is either jumped over, or jumped under, slid over but rarely gone around. It sounds quite dangerous and it is. But none the less, it is gaining popularity and the jumps and skids made in this sport are quite breath-taking. Literally.

3. Trash Mash:

Fun, Creative and best of all, Eco-friendly! This hobby has many forms, ranging from making beautiful artifacts to reusable items; or making a map of the world with tiles! (Yes, it’s been done.)One has even gone as far to make a whole house out of airplane parts from a ‘retired’ 747 plane. These hobbyists are always picking up bits and pieces of things which can be used to make something else. It’s always intriguing to see this happen and even more intriguing to try it yourself! What say, give it a hand?

4. Toy voyaging:

THIS HANDOUT FILE HAS RESTRICTIONS!!! TOY STORY 3  (L-R) Aliens, Jessie, Bullseye, Rex, Mr. Potato Head, Woody, Mrs. Potato Head, Slinky Dog, Hamm, Barbie in the 2010 film "TOY STORY 3," directed by Lee Unkrich.   ©Disney/Pixar.  All Rights Reserved.  NYTCREDIT: Pixar Animation Studios/Walt Disney Pictures

Yes, you read it right! It IS what it seems. Hey, we go on vacations all the time, why not toys? This unusual habit is fast gaining pace and interest among people. People can send their toys on a voyage and even request particular places to be ‘shown’ to the toy. Pictures and videos are often taken too. You could also be a ‘host’ to someone else toys. To find out more, visit:

5. Antique Doll collection:


Antique collection? Popular. Doll collections? Popular. Antique Doll collection? Now that’s interesting! A surprising number of people are interested in this too. In fact, you’d be surprised to hear, there’s even demand for antique doll repairers too! Visit this site for more information: Don’t forget to see the pictures!

So those were the most interesting unconventional hobbies I’ve come across. Others include extreme ironing (You have to read up on this!), Post carding, and building vehicles from scratch!

Handwriting Analysis is gaining popularity too. Origami is never out of the picture, although its popularity is capricious and is slowly becoming a lost art. We may be familiar with the few birds and boats one can make, but origami is far more than that!

Try some of these. One just might prove to be something you’ll absolutely love! Have an unconventional hobby which isn’t talked about, well what are you waiting for? Share it!

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