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5 Tips on How to Take DSLR Like Photos with your Smartphone

You may have a Motorola, Lenovo, Samsung (no pun intended) or even an I phone but still you crave for DSLR just because you cannot click the photos of quality you want while going on a Trip or just taking a regular selfie. Even after Spending 20,000 to 50,000 the Smartphone you hold in your palms does not give you the results with the quality of photograph you want and here 福汇 quality doesn’t merely means having a photograph without blur but it also means having a more real effect and light on the photograph.  It is expensive to buy a DSLR as well as it is quite difficult to handle a DSLR, to carry a DSLR on every trip is also troublesome and not handy. So here we are presenting to you 5 Tips on How to Click DSLR like Photos with your Smartphone



1.Hold the phone in the right way

Holding your phone without shaking or moving

The first and the foremost prerequisite to click a perfect photo is to hold your smartphone in correct way so that the chances of getting a blur is reduced. You can hold it horizontal or vertical which are called landscape and portrait mode for the simple reason that vertical/portrait mode is for taking photos of people while landscape/horizontal mode is taking pictures of natural scene or flowers.

Avoid zooming in the photo rather take the camera closer and crop as you want later. Zooming is often a bad idea.

2.Don’t hesitate to use grid to compose

It is one of the professional photographing tips by using Grid. Align your subject using the intersecting points of the grid for better composition.  A 3×3 Grid viewer would help you to categorize and treat each portion of your picture with a special effect. Second method for using grid is to align object to the line for getting better order and structure.

3. Be open to Editing and Experimentation with the picture

Smartphones these days are coming up with many editing features that you may get confused as to which effect or angle to be applied. In addition to that many Apps are also available which enables you to edit the picture the way you want. DSLR like effects and angles are available on apps and smartphones so you don’t need an expensive DSLR to get a clear and beautiful picture. So don’t hesitate to use different types of effects, angles and frames provided on your smartphones, editing includes setting the brightness, contrast, shadowing etc it is not merely restricted to applying filters etc. More and more experimentation with the photo editing would definitely culminate into a DSLR like picture.

4.Take Care of the lighting

While clicking a selfie or a photograph take care of the lighting as it creates a big effect of brightness and shadow in the photograph. In order to do so you should avoid using flash except whenever necessary as flashes usually creates a dark effect on the photograph secondly try to click photo in natural light as it makes your photo more clear.

5.Don’t Avoid negative Space

Don’t avoid Negative Space rather make use of it. Negative Space refer to the empty or useless spaces in the picture. Now these negative spaces can be helpful in order to take attention of the viewer on the subject just like the above picture, the attention is drawn on lady. In the case of a DSLR, it can focus on the subject and make the rest of the background blurred but in case of a Smartphone this type of feature is not present so you can use negative space to bring more focus on the subject of your picture.

So these were some simple techniques/tips for having a DSLR like picture on your smartphone

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