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5 Amazing Tricks you can do with your Smartphone which you didn’t know

Smartphone is the one indispensable thing which is impossible to be removed from our lifestyle. From waking up to Alarm to all the to do lists and tasks, Smartphone has become the lifeline of our daily routine. Smartphone is one of the amazing as well as one of the most useful invention of all time. There are many things for which earlier we needed different gadgets but after the advent of smartphone, we have been provided the All-in-one solution for our problems ranging from petty needs to important ones. But Smartphones are much more than what we think about, it is sometimes helpful for us beyond our imagination, here we are bringing to you 5 Amazing Tricks for your Smartphone which you don’t know.

Here is the list:

5.Magical Trick for Clicking photo from Distance

5 Tricks for smartphone1

Sometimes it becomes troublesome when it comes to clicking a photograph from a distance as our hands keep on shaking resulting into a blurry photograph while you get busy to touch the click button whether on screen or at the edge of the mobile phone body. But do you know you can also use your earphones or headphones to click a photograph as illustrated above in the image. You just have to press the volume button in order to click the photograph after connecting your smartphone with earphones, now you don’t have to keep the smartphone near you just in order to click a photo. Earlier we provided tips to take DSLR Like photos which can be found HERE.

4. The Miraculous USB Port

5 Tricks for smartphone2

USB technology is hailed as one of the most avant garde feature that has arrived in the technology domain. USB ports and cable has eliminated all the puzzling wires and cables which made it troublesome for us to use or connect anything to our smartphone. One of the lessor know usage of the USB port is that you can use a mouse by connecting it via USB port and without touching the screen you can click on any icon on the screen/menu of your smartphone by the use of the mouse.

3.Increase power of your fashlight

5 Tricks for smartphone3

Although there are many smartphone Flashlight booster available in the market to increase the power of your smartphone flashlight but why do we need to pay if we have a home made cheap trick to do the same? Yes we can do it without shredding a penny. You all must have plastic coldrink bottles in your store or kitchen so you need not worry you just have to cut the bottle cap like shown in the photograph below.

5 Tricks for smartphone4

Now just place the cut piece of the bottle cap on the flashlight surface after cleaning the surface in order to avoid scratches. So now the power of your smartphone’s flashlight would increase surprisingly. See the picture below

5 Tricks for smartphone5

2. A Bottle Lamp

5 Tricks for smartphone6

Beauty always does not requires complicated or detailed design, sometimes beauty comes in form of simplicity. Simplicity of looks is known but even simplicity of ideas lead to something amazing. Just as the photograph provided above you can create a bottle lamp using your smartphone. You just need to turn on your flashlight, place it on a table and put the water filled bottle standing on the flashlight.  Imagine using a Green or Red bottle would be really amazing.

1.Magnifying Glass for Zooming

5 Tricks for smartphone7

Whenever you have to take a photograph of an object which is distant or which requires zooming, it includes a troublesome task of taking the camera of your smartphone near the object it may also result into getting a blurred image. Getting a zooming lens just for such purposes would require a heft amount but we have a simple and amazing trick for you which won’t require a paisa. All you need to do is just to put a water droplet on the camera lens of your smartphone and click the photograph as the water droplet gives you a zooming effect which clicking a photograph.


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