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10 Ways to excel in School/College

School is the place where one acquires the fundamental aspects of life and is trained to meet the challenges of life in a comprehensive way. The knowledge at school imbibes an individual with virtues and wisdom that promotes his/her intellectual level and provides an edge over others in this competitive world.

Therefore, it is imperative that one excel at school and college to make the most of education and the opportunities it has to offer.

1. Embrace the idea of conceptualized learning side-lining rote learning

Understand what you study. This helps in a long term application of your knowledge in your day to day activities. It also relieves you from the burden of memorizing factual data which actually can be interesting. The best way to enjoy academics is performing experiments and inferring from them, on your own. Be active in your lab work to enjoy Science and perform activities prescribed in your textbook. Show interest in your assignments and project work.

2. Use the resources of you school/college, viz. library, computer lab, music/art/dance and sports

Overall development of personality is to be focused upon. Remember that all work and no play only makes you dull. Carve out time for sports.

3. Participate in extra-curricular activities

Be it a singing competition or a science project fair, putting yourself engrossed in your interest circles helps developing and understanding your talents.

4. Maintain a healthy attendance and concentrate in the class

Be interactive with the faculty and connect with your friends on various levels.

5. Develop the habit of reading

Journals, periodicals, newspapers are all available in your library. Borrow novels once a week. Watch T.V channels like NGC/Discovery/History Channel for improving your G.K. Also spend time listening to News on the BBC/NDTV/CNN-IBN along with movies, cartoons and serials for entertainment.

6. Group Study

It has multiple benefits as in sharing and acquiring knowledge, encouraging group discussions, reviewing the differing views within the group and learning from them, etc.

7. Organize your activities

Prepare a time table for your academic and outdoor activities and have a note of your schedule. Be up-to-date with your academics. Revise on a weekly basis. Maintain a study table where you have all your books, time table sheet and other requirements.

8. Time Management

Learn to manage time as it is a prerequisite for all your future endeavours. Be punctual complete your tasks in time.

9. Keep healthy

Remember that early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. A nutritious diet, ample sleep and regular exercise keeps you physically and consequently mentally fit.

10. Work on your hobbies lest you remain idle

Always pen down your thoughts however random and think on it. Analyze the things/activities around you, read inspirational stories and keep yourself aware of the happenings in your surroundings.

Never forget that education is not about mere grades but a virtue by which you gain wisdom and stand apart from others. Education standardizes your pursuit for knowledge and it is important that you gain the most of it.

To excel in school and college life and being an all-rounder calls for perseverance, hard work and a guided mind-set to absorb its merits and be a better individual, dedicated to the service of the nation.

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