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10 Reasons Why We Never Forget Our First Love

Firsts are the most memorable moments of our lives. Firsts could be anything, from a first drink, first day at college, first car, and what not. Remembering our first experience with anything can either bring joy or a feeling of devastation. One thing which no one ever forgets in life is first love.

first love

first love

A person can fall in love many times in his/her life, but how one’s first love makes him/her develops a rush in them, is unique. No matter how long our first love happened, thinking about it will always make you go through some wild emotions. There are reasons that why do we remember our first love always.

  1. Power of First Lovepower-of-first-love

The first time you fall in love can make you go through so many emotions at once. You realize you care about someone in a way which never seemed possible. The first time you experience love in a romantic sense, lets you look at life with a different perspective. It is unlike anything that you must have felt before, and this is the reason why it gets inscribed in our memories forever.

  1. Heartbreak is Powerfulheartbreak-is-powerful

The only thing that matches the force of first love is first heartbreak. Often, these feelings make you think about the same person. The ones who didn’t end up with their first loves for life, the ending for them is very painful.

The amount of effort required in overcoming the pain of a heartbreak is immense.

  1. Innocence of First Loveinnocence-of-first-love

First love is always innocent and pure. It is not something that you try to do, it just happens. This makes us seek the same innocence and purity in every relationship we have in future. This is the reason why first love is hard to forget.

  1. First Love Triggered some Other Firstsfirst-love-triggered-some-other-firsts

The feeling of love was not the only first for you in case of your first love. It brought along many other first with it too. It may be the first sensation of understanding that how can people support each other and make each other a better person, it may be a first kiss, or loss of virginity. All these are divine feelings which can purely be experienced through first love.

  1. Your First Love Was Part of Your First “Us”wallpaper-sand-love-wide

Your first love is often the first time you actually feel like you were part of an “us” or a “we.” You make decisions in life depending on what makes sense to you as a couple. It also probably is the first time when you prioritize another person even over yourself.

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  1. It Ended Due to Circumstancesfirst-love-cute-wallpapers

It is common for first loves to get separated due to circumstances, as we depend on our family’s decisions before reaching adulthood. Going to different universities to study, getting a job somewhere far off, are some of the common factors that may end one’s relationship.

  1. Your First Love Represents Your Youthbeach-love-wallpapers

As time goes by, the thoughts of your first love are not just about the person, but also about that time of your life, your youth. This gives you a feeling of reminiscence and you wish to go back to that time when life was simpler.

  1. It Reflects Possibilitylove-wallpapers-hd-download

Your first love may also remind you of the seemingly endless possibilities life has to offer. This feeling is hard to get after one gets out of that first love as it changes him/her in many ways but one.

  1. Your First Love Changed You

Relationships help shape you in who you are today. They have a lasting effect on your mind and you do a lot of new things when you experience first love. It was probably the first time you let yourself open to someone and let them impact you to the core.

  1. First Love Can Happen Only Oncelovers-abstract-heart-wallpaper-hd-wallpapers-high-quality

Your first love can happen only once. No one can take that away from you. Any first event can happen only once and that makes is exclusive. No matter who you end up with in the end, your first love is always going to remain your first love.

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