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10 Easy ways to Earn Money Online

They say that when there is a will, there is a way and it is true till date. You Want to Earn Money? But in a non conventional way for you cannot/don’t want to move  out of your house? OK, You want to make money online? Well You have knocked the Correct Door as this Article is Just for you.

Right Now you have one of the most powerful gadgets in your hand and that is called Smartphone, yes! by use of your Smartphone and Internet, you can do wonders. One of those wonders include Earning money online as these days it is one of the decent and easy ways to make money.

Here are Top 10 Easy Online Money Making schemes:

1.Sell your photos

top 10 easy ways to make money online

Sounds weird? well it is an amazing way to earn name and fame. There are numerous travel websites/applications like “Dreamsite” which are ready to take your photographs and give you handsome money. You just have to click photographs for e.g. of a historical place/natural scenery with good photo clicking skills (we have earlier shared some tips on good photo clicking skills HERE) and market is ready for you.

2. Earn By Sending SMS

top 10 easy ways to make money online1

There are numerous companies which are ready to invest a hefty amount on marketing and for that purpose they engage numerous other websites and companies to promote their product or service. SMS advertising in not a new thing, everyday we receive a promotional text message on our smartphone. Webistes like Way2SMS pays a pivotal role in sending multiple messages via mobile and computer. You just have to sit back and relax at home and send SMS for the company’s promotion to numerous people. Such an Easy way to earn Money!

3.Swag Bucks

top 10 easy ways to make money online2

The name Swagbucks sounds cool as the name contains Swag, you can also make easy money by using swagbucks. It is an Online Platform where you can earn online bonus points called Swagbucks or SB, in addition to that  there is a Smartphone app for iPhone and Android operating systems. You can easily and quickly earn SB by watching videos, answering questions, completing offers, and surfing on the web using the swag bucks toolbar.

4.Use Whatsapp and get money

top 10 easy ways to make money online3

Sounds fun huh? well it is real you can earn money online by using Whatsapp. This scheme is about utilizing paid URL shortening benefits for example, Shorte. St and so on. For each click that those new, abbreviated join gets, clients will be paid a certain sum from claiming money. This is yet another easy way with being covering a larger target audience base.

5. Solve Captcha & Earn Money

top 10 easy ways to make money online4

Captchas are all those weird alpha numerical text which you get before making say a bank payment or submitting URL to google.This method is quite amusing as well as fun, it sounds more like playing a game. You just have to solve captcha in various website like and you will get paid for solving the captcha code.   

6.Voice your Opinion and Earn Money

top 10 easy ways to make money online5

You are always earn to put forth your opinion, what if you are get paid for voicing your opinion? yes it is true there are several applications and websites that seek opinion on various topics like application review, movie review and review on any government policy. “I-say” and “I-poll” are the application for making money on opinion.

7. Complete Task Online and Earn Money

top 10 easy ways to make money online6

There are websites which pay you for completing tasks for e.g. “Gigwalk” pays you for doing some simple task such as  mystery shopping,delivering items,testing and reviewing mobile applications etc. You earn after completing task.

8. Get Cash Back and Earn

top 10 easy ways to make money online7

We all know the mechanism of Cashback when we use freecharge, amazon and paytm. Cashback is the famous way of earning money online while shopping. Once you shop from a website you get cashback for the same. Every Android and I-phone apps these days have cashback schemes.

9. Online Survey and Money

top 10 easy ways to earn money

Online Survey is one of the emerging ways to earn money, it is quite popular these days among students and scholars to earn money. Few Websites like OnePoll, MySurvey, SurveyBods, Global Test Market, The Opinion Panel, Pinecone pay for filling up the survey forms. This is quite interesting way to earn.

10. Facebook and Money Making

top 10 easy ways to make money online10

Facebook app lets you do manage a page if you own them, the more the traffic more the money due to more likes, you just have to create backlink means to share links of pages to various medias. This way is quite popular know to earn money.

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